Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jenson's 6 months old!

Didn't he just turn 5 months? Sheesh time is going by wayyy to fast for my liking.  He is half a year old today- HALF A YEAR!? Where is my baby?!  Sometimes I still think he is so tiny but then I look at someone with a new born and just about die seeing how small they are compared to Jenson, he's a tank!  I feel like we are finally on a schedule and getting the hang of this whole parenting thing {most days!}, it's about time though, right? I wanted to remember what our days are like know so I thought I would write down a brief schedule of how a typical days goes for us right now. {The times are a rough guess, each day is different but it's about that}

4:00- Babe leaves for work {yes, 4 AM..}  Sometimes Jenson will wake up around this time also and if I put his binkie back in his mouth he normally goes to sleep, If not I feed him 5oz and put him back to bed.

6:00-7:00 Jenson wakes up {he just talks to himself until we go get him, seriously the cutest thing! Unless he is hungry then he screams ;) }If he didn't eat around 4 I'll feed him around this time-depending on his mood!
{Normally this is when we would both get up and start our day but cuddling in bed till later is much more fun!}

7:00-8:00 {depending on how long we stay in bed} Bath time and get Jenson ready for the day! 

8:00-8:30ish we play in his room, read stories, and practice crawling {he's not so into that right now!} until he gives me the signs that he is sleepy and he goes down for a nap.  {this is when I may or may not lay back in bed and catch up on social media, or I actually get productive and clean the house or something...}

9:00-10:30 {if I'm lucky} Jenson will wake up {he doesn't take really long naps most days it's only about a hour, unless he is sleeping with his daddy then he will sleep longer} When he wakes up he eats rice cereal then we play some more.

11:00 Gets another bottle 4-5 oz. We play outside {depending on the humidity...} he loves watching cars, hearing birds, and people watching.  

11:30-12:00 He goes down for another nap 

12:30 Babe gets home from work 

1:00 Jenson wakes up plays with daddy {more like distracts him from doing his homework} 

2:00 Babe goes to school, and I get a little camera happy and take way to many pictures of Jenson doing cute things {which is pretty much always...} I'll feed Jenson another bottle {yeah, he pretty much eats all the time!} 

{repeat naps about every hour and a half to 2 or 3 hours throughout the day...a few crying fits, more smiles, and lots of bottles}

4:30 Babe gets home from school {HALLELUJAH} 

5:00-5:30 Dinner, Jenson normally takes a small nap now also which gives babe and I some time to talk about our days and things we need to do the rest of the week

6:00-6:30 Jenson will eat dinner {some type of veggie- so far he loves peas, carrots, green beans, and squash!}

6:45-7:00 Start bed time routine {pjs, small bottle, stories, and prayer} 

7:10 in bed, going to sleep {such a magical time of the day!} sometimes he will talk to himself for a while until he falls asleep but we try not to get him out of bed once he is in.  

8:00 {or earlier} Babe goes to bed, I pick up the house making sure it's all clean for the next morning then will normally go lay in bed also.  

10:00 {or later} I finally fall asleep

Then we repeat the same thing the next day, unless we need to actually leave the house then thats a whole different story...

Wow looking at that it looks like I do nothing all day- even though some how I have no time to get everything done.  Funny how that works out right?

Anyway, Back to Jenson!

Likes: fans (and being fanned!), being outside, veggies, bottles, mom and dad, face-timing {seeing himself}, bath time, fans, blocks, his binkie and binkie holder, and being around people.

Dislikes: being left alone, nap time, when he can't reach a toy, and not being able to eat real food, being held to sleep.

(I always think of a whole much of likes/dislikes but when I come to write them down I always forget them, so I am sure there are more but all well!)

Since he is half a year old I decided to do something a little different and make a movie of him up to this point!  Enjoy!

We love you Jenson!  Happy 6 months baby boy! 

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