Saturday, July 19, 2014

hashtag: tour our new town!

Remember when my sisters came to town and we went to Crown Center.  Well we had originally planned to eat at Fritz but when we saw how flippin long the line way {this is one happening joint!} we decided against it. I have wanted to go ever since.  This place is pretty much the bomb!  You call in on the phone on your table to place your food order.  When your food is done they send it to you by train- it's freaken sweet!  Check out the video at the bottom so you can see it better!

 ^^ I sure love this boy!  He is in that "awkward" stage where he is to small for the high chair but to big to be carried around in his carseat everywhere.  We have to get a little creative if we want to enjoy our meals without him grabbing everything.  Luckly he is pretty good at sitting up on his own now so he just sat sandwiched between us until we were mostly done, then he just sat on the table ;) ^^

A short video for your viewing pleasure! :) It also shows how the trains bring our food! 

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