Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend photo dump! {tour our town!}

I got a text Wednesday night {or close to that} from my cousin Jennifer saying that they were coming to town this weekend {she is visiting her family in Texas for the summer and they were all coming up!} I may or may not have started to cry a little from how excited I was.  Some of my most fondest memories are with the Watsons, and I  have been missing family so much that this was just what I needed till we go home in August! Thanks for letting us tag along with you the whole {way to short} weekend!  We love you guys! 

Friday night they stopped by on their way to Independence, where they would be staying (my aunt's parents are on a mission in Independence and they wanted to visit the area before they were done!). We chatted for a little bit, but Saturday is where all the fun began!

We started out the morning at the Liberty Monument and WW1 museum.  You might recognize this from here, but this time we actually went inside the museum and up to the top of the tower, hashtag: coolest thing ever! I couldn't stop taking pictures and filming, I want to remember what it looks like forever {someone please come visit so I can go again!!} Sorry about the picture overload from there that you are about to see....
^^ Babe was so protective of Jenson, he didn't even want me to hold him {like I wouldn't be careful?!} haha thats okay, it meant I got to take even more pictures!^^

 ^^ hahaha panoramic picture gone wrong lol^^
^^ phew, you made it!^^
The Museum was also really neat, I love learning about our history! And museums with my aunt and uncle are even better because they will read all the plaques and tell you what they said so you don't have to read them, I really just like looking at the pictures {but I'm also not a big reader!}  
Next stop Crown Center for lunch, we found some tables and split up for food.  We got Chinese {which was actually reallly good!} We went to the crayola store and walked around on our way to the Hallmark Museum and Kaleidoscope place- another favorite! 

 The kaleidoscope place tuned out to be pretty fun- you have to have a ticket {free} and a child with you {after all it is for children...;)} they turn you loose in big room with lots of different crafty things you can do {make puzzles, color shields, letter, water colors...etc} our favorite room was the blacklight with lots of cool wax paint and glow in the dark markers and toys! I asked Babe what he thought about his experience over all and he said it was was okay-but mostly fun for kids.  Me on the other hand was in heaven, I wanted to do everything in there {I guess that's why I am a preschool teacher after all!}.  

We love the Hallmark museum, it isn't big but there is plenty to see and do! 

^^ Bow making and taking Selfies with Roxanne^^ 

^^ the whole group, Jenson is a sleep in the stroller but you can kind of see his red/white blanket!^^
 Next stop: Union Station, parking is annoying but it's worth it to see how amazing this building is and all the mini trains in there.

^^picture on the right is all legos! It inspired us to watch the lego movie later that night {surprisingly not as bad as I thought it was going to be.}^^

 ^^ built out of legos!^^
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ^^ I spy Nathan^^

^^ I love all the bridges in KC, especially the cool ones when you are crossing the Missouri River ^^

Sunday we woke up and headed to Liberty Jail {we were lame and don't have any pictures there, but it's not like you haven't seen our pictures from there before!} I seriously love it there though, and learn something different every time I go.  We went to Independence next for lunch at the Giles {my aunt's parents} and played some games! Their ward doesn't start till 2:30 {and there is a ward after them that doesn't start till 4:30, can you imagine getting out of church at 7:30? sheesh!}
^^ We made it just in time for the Prayer Meeting at the Community Of Christ Temple, it was only 15 minutes long {I could get used to a meeting that short! ;)} it was very interesting to say the least but I am glad we got to experience it. We went on a tour after as well.  ^^
^^ after our tour we headed to church across the street {learn more about what we believe here}.  In both buildings there is a feeling of peace, but I only felt the spirit while attending sacrament meeting.  As soon as I walked in the church doors I could feel something different.  I am so thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint!  ^^

^^ And just because I couldn't get over how cute my little golfer looking baby is!^^

Thanks again for coming to visit us, I can't wait till Thanksgiving where we get to come tour your little part of the world in Texas!  We love you!  

Phew, you made it to the end.  Go ahead and give yourself a big pat on the back!  :)

What do you like to do around your town? I'd to to see! 

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