Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July

 Holidays away from home are always a little harder but this year we decided not to dwell on that and start making out own family traditions.  We started out our day at the Lenexa parade, we were by a big building so had shade the whole time-bonus!  The parade was not so steller (nothing like the Kaysville parade in Utah.) It was mostly a parade full of government companies   and "vote for so and so" and lots of old fashion and new cars, oh and you can't forget the mid evil times people walking around yelling strange things (also mostly dressed in things some people should never be aloud to wear in public, let alone when you are by yourself!)

I love holidays, but having a kid now to celebrate with is 1,000 times better!  
 Jenson loved the parade (for the first 5 minutes) until he fell asleep.  I have never had to worry about how noisy parades are until then.  I didn't know he was afraid of loud sounds until earlier when we were waiting for the parade to start and a train came by whistling it's horn while Jenson was asleep. He started screaming/crying instantly, saddest thing ever!  He did pretty well though, waking up to see the last 5 minutes or so!
Shout out to my amazing sisters who made this head wrap for me so we could all wear them and be like we were sort of together even though we were all miles apart!  
 I loved how most everyone that had things to sale were driving around in different types of golf carts/ rovers instead of walking around around with coolers in their wagons like I was used to.

 He is getting so big and loves sitting up and standing up!

 ^^ He seriously adores his daddy- he must get that from me! I attempted making his shirt, it wasn't as cute as I had imagined but then again getting a 5 month old to get a perfect hand print is asking a little to much!  I' m thinking about making this a tradition and having him make one every year, how fun would it be to look back and see his hand print from the years before? Toooo cute I'll tell ya! ^^

 ^^ these were the only 2 horses, and they didn't even need a pooper scooper!^^
 ^^ Sleeping through the whole things, sheesh! The weather was AMAZING though.  All week it had been super hot with high humidity but on the 4th it was breezy, cool, and hardly humid! God Bless America!^^

 ^^Jenson slept, so Hailey stole the show away (how could she not!?) it was so fun watching her wave and blow kisses to everyone.  Next year Jenson will enjoy it a little more, and maybe we can get more candy then this year! {note to self sit at the start of the parade route!}^^
 ^^ This guy made me laugh.  I'm curious to know what they were thinking... "hey lets be in the parade this year, we can just open our doors and wave!" ^^
 After the parade we went to IHOP {possibly a new family tradition!} We let Jenson try to drink some water from a straw {epic fail} haha and enjoyed some good ole friends and food! After IHOP we went home to put Jenson down for a real nap and to start making food for the little BBQ we hosted with a few friends from our ward.  We also got to facetime our new ADORABLE niece Aubrey- I am so in love already I can't wait to meet her in person! {congrats Sam and Vanessa!!} 

We had our little BBQ with way to much food, played the game Disney Headbands {who says that is just for kids?!}, laughed way to hard, and enjoyed our evening together!  

Overland Park is lame and you are not aloud to light any fireworks {like anything you have to "light" is illegal- yeah LAME!} not like we have money to buy a bunch anyway but I really wanted to get some sparklers and try out some settings on my camera.  Well since that didn't happen I remembered I had a ton of glow sticks that were needing to be used so we cracked them all and had fun pretending they were sparklers.  
 Our friends showed us an awesome place to watch the fireworks, right on a golf course!  It was a perfect view and had lots of fire flies around-so cool! Jenson fell asleep at the beginning {he is missing out on all the fun stuff!} slept for a bit and then woke up.  He watched the fireworks for a few minutes then started to get annoyed that they were keeping him from sleeping so he rolled back over and went to sleep, slept till the next morning around 5:00 :)  
 The firework show defiantly made up for the lame parade.  My favorite ones were the ones that spelled out "USA", smilie faces, and the hearts!  
Sorry these are out of order, just a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure!
Rocking the festive shades Grandma Craven gave him! :)

^^Baby selfies!^^
^^ I sure love this boy, I am thankful for him everyday!^^

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