Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To grandma's house we go!

My mom talked me into having Jenson and I fly to Utah early (like that took a lot of convincing... hahah).  We boarded the plane bright and early but so excited to finally see our family.  

The plane rides were a little rough since I was trying to hold onto a wiggle worm that wont sleep/or cuddle in my arms.  Luckily I had the Curious George theme song on repeat- and a whole thing of puffs! ;) He did sleep for about 15 minutes though in the stroller on our layover.  
^^ Utah!!^^
Babe made it just in time for our big Craven Christmas party- he drove all night too! 
^^ Auklin as the angle Gabrielle- he even had a memorized part! :) what a stud of a nephew I have!^^
^^ I spy the cutest little cow I ever did see!^^
^^ How beautiful is my mother?!  I'm the luckiest- and to have such an amazing grandpa^^
We celebrated Joseph Smiths birthday for FHE.  Dad had a really awesome object lesson about following the prophet! 
^^ Seriously though, look at my grandpas face!  hahah we missed you Chelsi and boys (who were all home sick). ^^
^^ Jenson and Ben- poor little guy wasn't used to being picked on haha.  Jenson's first real snow^^
^^ It's tradition! Worlds best Grandpa!^^
2 little mischievous boys...thanks mom for letting them play with all your Christmas decorations!

Story time with grandpa, also where he taught them "6 White Boomers"

My dad is becoming pro at making dinosaur pancakes so I asked him to branch out a little and make me a George Bush pancake... he failed pretty bad but it did turn out a little bit like Curious George- hahaha

We went to visit my grandparents for their 60th anniversary.  We sure do love and miss them!
^^Like I said worlds best grandpa!^^

Other things we did while on vacation:

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