Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jenson- 1 year old!

1 year, 12 months, 365 days,  525,494 minutes- thats how long we have had our little boy!  Some days it felt like forever and looking back now I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  Holy flip we kept Jenson alive for a whole year! And we survived as parents- the hardest most rewarding year of our lives! 

Jenson at 12 months:
Jenson has 8 teeth, and loves to use them!  He could eat all day if we let him.  He has 2 naps a day and goes to bed around 7:30 and will sleep till around 7-7:30 depending on if he hears dad getting ready for school or not haha.  He loves to clap and throw things (plays "catch/throw" all day long).  He loves pushing thing around the room.  He wants to push the cart instead of ride in it at the store.  He thinks his laughing Curious George stuffed animal is the funniest thing, and when mom dances.  He waves by every time he goes up the stairs for a nap or for bed, even if no one is in the room.  He loves looking out the screen door and watching people outside.  He LOVES his push car he got for his birthday and could spend all day in that thing.  He still loves bath time even though he mostly just splashes all the water out or drinks it... haha He says "mama, dada" and what sometimes sounds like "gamma" ;) (were working on it!)  He loves looking at pictures, mostly the ones above his changing table of all of our families.  Outside is one of his favorite places to be.  He has mastered the stairs (with only one major fall- but don't worry I cried more than he did about it!) He still loves putting everything in his mouth, mostly his foam blocks or Mr. Potato head parts.  He only uses his binki for nap time and bed time, he also has to have his favorite blanket or he can't sleep.  He has taken 1-2 steps on his own but still only crawls unless you help him walk around.  I can just have my hand on his stomach and he will walk (pretty much all on his own) but as soon as I let go he stops- once he figures out he can go by himself he is going to be unstoppable.  He HATES cats, or at least black ones.  There is one that has been hanging out around our back door and he screams every time it come to the door, it's quite funny sad! Jenson has the "selfi" down and will smile whenever he sees himself on the camera.  He gives the biggest juiciest kisses, and the cutest hugs when I hold him and tell him "I love you" it kind of melts my heart into 10,000,000 pieces!  He loves shaking his head "no" and thinks it some type of game, also throwing his sippy cup when he is done with it... 

Jenson stats at 12 months:
Height: 30.5 in (76%) 
Weight: 22lbs 3 oz (76%)
Head: 18.6 in. (82%)

Jenson has the sweetest laugh and always giving the "Hitler" wave to everyone in the store.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh or feel so proud to be his mom.  He has flaming red hair that forces me out of my comfort zone every time we go out in public, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We love you Jenson Matthew.  Thanks for making our lives 100 times better!  Happy Birthday baby boy, please stay young forever!  

Ps. Hallelujah to no more monthly updates! haha ;)

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