Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Boomer Christmas 2014

This year we got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with my family. We missed Babe's family but I am not going to lie- not having to drive on Christmas and just spending the whole day being lazy was perfect- especially since Babe had been sick!
 ^^ I might be bias but my parents house is the best lit house in the neighbor hood (my dad did hang lights professionally though... ;)) This year they added green lights into the mixture :) ^^
 ^^ It was technically our "off" year so everyone was at their in-laws house for Christmas Eve, but since Mindy's in-laws live in Texas they were also there!  I am still drooling over those potatoes we had yummmmm! ^
 Grandma and Grandpa always give jammies on Christmas eve- Jenson got some adorable penguin ones. We were trying to hard to be the "cool" parents by keeping him up past bed time so when we finally got to opening them he was way past grumpy so he just went to bed.

 This year is dad tried to bring back his Australia years by playing "6 White Boomers" over and over again until we all learned the words and got excited about hearing it.  It worked for a while but after about the 158426 time it got a little old- but the grandkids never got sick of it.  No wonder why he is the best grandpa!  

This wasn't one Christmas eve but you get the idea...

^^ Jenson's Christmas theme was Curious George... can you tell?^^ 
^^ Santa knew Jenson would't be able to appreciate much so he gave him only his favorites- Cheetos and puffs! ^^
^^ only the best for my man!^^

first of many pictures in front of the Christmas tree with all his presents.  

^^ Babe's "franchise" was this sound bar that he had NO IDEA about!  Thanks Jillisa for helping me out and getting it on black Friday so it could already be in Utah! This was one of the hardest secrets I ever had to make but it was so worth it in the end. ^^

After we opened most our presents we waited for everyone else to come to finish (the ones we gave each other) and then have breakfast.  

They may have made fun of me in the beginning for my selfie stick but really they are all jealous...

^^ I took my own picture with my stick and my new camera lenses for phone!^^

^^ Could he get any more excited?! This is why Christmas is so much fun!^^

^^I broke George on accident so my Dad and Babe gave him surgery and he was good as new!^^

^^ Getting the hang of this new selfie stick thing!^^

Christmas was amazing but our favorite part was being able to talk to our missionary brother!  He comes home in like 7 months... but who's counting?! Kyron will come home to a new nephew, niece,  and a mystery niece/nephew!  Craziness! 
We spent Christmas day enjoying our family time, playing games, taking naps, eating,  and being thankful for our Savior!  We hope you also had a fabulous Christmas!

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