Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Break- Texas Style!

This year we headed to Dallas area for Thanksgiving- it was everything we needed and more!  The road trip there was a bit rough with car problems and a 10 month old but we made it in one piece thanks to the Infant Zoo app that Jenson loves! The weekend was spend playing games, watching movies, eating amazing food, touring Dallas, shopping, and eating way to much Blue Bell ice cream!
 Yes we know that is the most beautiful pie you have ever seen- the "B" is for Brielle and Becca ;)

On Thanksgiving we enjoyed amazing food, turkey bowl, games, and an attempt at black Friday ending in just renting a red box and staying in for the night! Friday day we went to see how our money was made, thanks to high security we were not even aloud to have our phones so sorry, no pictures :(  

 ^^ While the girls went shopping the boys hung out in the car and waited so Jenson could actually have a nap! Thanks uncle Bradlee :) ^^

On Saturday we went to the Dallas Arboretum and saw the 12 days of christmas display, our favorite was the children's garden- a Dallas must see!

^^ It was so fun catching up with Becca since I haven't seen her in forever- she just got back from mission in Argentina^^

And now for a overload of Thanksgiving pictures!

  More from the arboretum:   

 ^^ Vixen^^

Thank you for such a fun weekend!  We are so thankful for this holiday season and getting to spend it with the ones we love!  

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