Thursday, December 11, 2014


Pictures of dating and into our first year! enjoy!

Throwback to the night we first met
 Our first date
 Our first Inkom trip together meeting his family as the "girlfriend" 
 Our attempt to go ice skating but ended up rollerblading instead
 One of our many road trips 
 Late night Applebees dinner date
 My first time having a "Space Burger" at Tastee Treat 
 Birthday party for our good friend
 Another rollerskating picture :)
 General Conference in SLC
 Going to AZ with the Hunt extended family for great grandma's 100th birthday party 
Hike up adams canyon, coming down in a crazy rain/lightning storm!
 General Conference 
 More road trips!
The night we got engaged!
After our Inkom reception 

 On the beach in Cancun 
 Heading out for the day to tour around Mexico
 touring around Chichen Itza 
 Free Lagoon trips 
 Jackson Whyoming
 Our first Christmas being Shepherds in our family nativity
 Karaoke/ dance party night
 Halloween pumpkin walk
 Yellowstone, looking at the Tetons 
 After the first family pictures with Babe in them!
 Waiting for our best friends to come out of the temple as husband and wife!
 Going to work with Babe- (riding the bus from Rexburg to SLC and back...)
 Christmas friend party
 Hike to the ice waterfall

Sometimes this all seems like another life.  I am so thankful for all these memories, and many more!  I love you Babe! XOXO

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