Monday, December 29, 2014

Jenson-11 Months

I figured it was about time to post Jenson's stats since he is almost 1- (SERIOUSLY!?!?)

Jenson is such a independent active boy.  I swear it's his red headed personality shining through more and more but his personality is coming though more and more.  He is so good at walking around, but still only while holding on to things.  As soon as you let go of his hands he will just drop down and start crawling again.  He has 7.5 teeth (4 on top, 3.5 on bottom).  Jenson's sleep schedule was messed up a little from vacation but we are finally getting on track again with naps and his bed time.  We put him in his bed around 7:30/8 ish but he wont always fall asleep right way.  He takes a nap around 9/10 ish and another one around 1/2 ish.  Jenson is so content to play by himself is makes it easier for me to get some things done around the house.  He will clap when you say "yay!!", waves good by and will blow a kiss (but hardly ever when you want him to...).  He can go up and down the stairs, down still scares me so we keep the baby gate up still though. He refuses to sleep while being held, making church extra hard. He loves to sleep with his favorite blanket and binki (he only gets the binki at nap and bed time now.)  He can stand unassisted.  He says "mom" and "dad" constantly we are working on getting him to say "grandma, ball, car, and cup"  but really he just looks at us like we are crazy ;) He sort of signs "more" and what seems to be "please" but I am sure he is meaning something else that we haven't quite figured out yet (or he is just really polite!) He loves food, if you are eating he wants to be also!  
He loves to eat:
veggie straws
sweet potatoes
green beans
whatever mom and dad are eating and will share

Likes: cars, food, noisy toys, getting into things he shouldn't, piano, foam blocks, mr. potato head, his push toy, playing catch, shopping with mom, facing forward when in a shopping cart, facetiming, people watching, balls, playing chase, bath time (splashing, and drinking the water mostly), books, brushing his teeth (but only the lower teeth...) his laughing Curious George, theme songs, being outside. 
Dislikes: empty bottle, when you say "all done" while eating, diaper changes,  being told "no", getting cleaned up, 

Weight: about 23lbs
Height: about 29 inches
And still has the flaming red hair!

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