Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A little "Fishy"

Howdy, happy Tuesday!
Now that the first week of preschool is over I feel like I can breath a little more.  It was really stressful going there for a while but I am finally fitting into my roll and getting used to everything I have to do.  Hallelujah! So I already taught once but our next weeks lesson is all about different animals.  I am teaching on Fish (like goldfish as pets) and am hoping I can pick your brains for some new creative ideas.  Being in the preschool for 3 semesters now I have seen lots of original activities  dealing with fish.  So any new ideas?  Activities?  Crafts? Things to teach about?  Stories? Remember product not process (not having a sample for the children to follow...) Let me know your ideas, I greatly appreciate it! :)

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