Wednesday, January 9, 2013

School is...

School is:
Crazy busy.
Hard work.
Time consuming.
Loads of homework.
Spending time with friends.
Living in the Clarke.
Being in control.
Practicing to delegate.
Facing my fears.
Learning new things.
Asking questions.
Sleepless nights.
A breath of fresh air.
Nerve racking.
Early mornings.
Long days.
Lunch dates with Babe.
Almost over!

This semester is crazy already.  I know what some of you might be thinking... "preschool? How hard is it to play with children all day?"  And all I have to say is, if you only knew!  It is way harder then I ever thought possible.  It's not like chemistry hard but more like figuring out immunization records (have you ever done that? NOT easy!)  Teaching children core skills that they need to develop in order to succeed  without them knowing that you are doing it. Planing 40+ activities a day that will entertain 20 children all at different stages and ages.  Try finding something to do for a young 3 year old to do that is also challenging for a advanced 5 year old.  Yeah, good luck! ;)   Oh and did I mention you spend about a month planning for 2 hours of class? And those are just my preschool classes (4 of those), not my special education class or observation and assessment class. I have found out new things about myself that I never knew before.  I get to spend everyday with all my preschool friends and amazing supervisors (we all get along sooo well and have SO much fun together.)  Class is just so much easier when you have friends with you, and amazing professors!  I love this school and I am blessed to go here.  I love starting every class day with a prayer (sometimes a song as well).  I love going to school with Matt and that he drops me off at my classes on the way to his. :) I love finding Babe on campus and walk around holding hands.  Life is just so much better with him by my side, it makes everyday seem a little better.

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  1. haha, in our classes we always talk about how people out in the world are like, "how hard is college for elementary school teaching? do you have classes on coloring?" ... but WE realize it's the most important event of children's lives! they couldn't become anything without somewhat of an education and knowing someone believes in them! and something that big must come with a lot of work and RESPONSIBILITY, that's the tough part: knowing that you could make or break that student for the rest of their lives, literally... i'm right there with ya, brielle! i love that crazy life of being an education major!!