Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parental Guidance

Babe and I have been talking about some of our new years resolutions and one of them is that we are going to go on scheduled dates (have to be things we don't normally do) at least 2 times a month, I plan one and he  plans one.  Well today was his.  We got some free movie tickets out of some cereal boxes and so we headed to Wingers before hand and then off to go see Parental Guidance click HERE for the trailer.  We don't normally have money to go and see a movie and dinner so it was nice that we got to do both for really cheap!  We even had the theater to ourselves (Rexburg is quiet a nice place when there are not thousands of college students running around!).  This is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time, VERY clean, funny, feel good, and inspirational- even babe teared up... I'm telling you this is a must see!  Sorry if your taste is not like mine but this is totally going on the "To buy" list!

Rexburg is so empty when school is not in session! 

Free tickets for eating cereal? okay! 

*Side note.  When Matt and I first got married we stared to collect all our change, at first it was just somewhere to put babes tip money but soon it really started to pile up.  We changed it to my camera fund money, I got more and more excited with every penny I put in there.  Since babe surprised me with my camera for Christmas it was time to empty the jar, and that's just what we did.  We decided that every year we are going to put that money towards something that we really want in that year and that is going to help us have the determination and desire to fill the jar!  Here's to another year, wish us luck!  Matt's wanting an I-pad... I guess we will see!
Almost full!
Looks so empty with only 5 cents in there...

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