Monday, January 28, 2013

Greysin Blake Craven

I had the chance to go down to Layton this weekend and welcome my adorable new nephew Greysin Blake into our family! That makes my 6th nephew (I'll have 7 in May!) We got to the hospital early so we wouldn't miss any of the fun, and got a few pictures in before the little guy was here. 
Just before heading into the delivery room!

 7.7 19" born at 10:06 on Sunday January 27, 2013.  Welcome to our crazy family little man!  We are so glad you are finally here! You have 2 awesome big brothers that are going to love you to pieces, you are one lucky boy!  We love you Greysin.  

I don't mean to brag but I am pretty much the favorite aunt already! :) 
I seriously have THE cutest nephews Auklin, Kanyin, and now Greysin :) 

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