Monday, January 28, 2013

So this is why I go home.

I love going home!  Babe dropped me off at the bus at like 2 on Friday and I got home around 6.  Kyron and I went to Mindy and Mikes for some ice cream and games!  The next morning dad and I braved the fog went to Winco to do some quick shopping, we met up with Mindy and family, talked dad into getting lots of candy, taught Joshy about beer and coffee (always an adventure shopping with dad!) After our shopping trip I headed back to Mindys for some lunch and to start organizing her office.    *Sidenote I LOVE organizing and so I pretty much invited myself over to do it... After organizing the office we headed to the kitchen to master grandmas gingersnap cookies.  Mindy has been working at this non stop for a few weeks now and this weekend she finally mastered them!  
I also had to keep up my reputation of favorite aunt so I went on a date to the movies with Katelyn :) We even ran into Auklin while there.  We watched Hotel Transylvania (if you have not seen it you really should it's pretty cute!) ate lots of popcorn, and enjoyed our time together.  Right after dropping Katelyn off at home Kyron and I headed to Kasey's and Chelsi's  to do a little babysitting so they could enjoy one last night as parents of 2.  We ate dinner, took pictures, gave baths, cleaned the house, and put the boys in bed all before 7:30.  Sunday we met Greysin if you want to see more pictures of him go HERE.  I would say it was a pretty eventful weekend with lots of time with family, which was just what I needed.  

pretty good eh? Who's next? :)

All the difference is in flour! 

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