Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Blog Jealousy!

So I am kinda really jealous over the really cute blogs out there.  My best friend just won a blog makeover and now her blog is sooo cute! Not that it wasn't before, that's why I am jealous.  ;)  She has figured out a lot of the little things that I can't and I am having major blog envy.  If you want to check out her new blog go HERE.  She has helped me figure out some things but I think its time for another lesson, okay Ashley? Maybe her blog is so cute because of Abbi her adorable little girl, maybe I just need to have a baby to have a cute blog... that's a good reason right? ;) Stay tuned maybe I can also win a blog face lift of my own... but in the mean time, do you have any suggestions on new blog titles?  One with Hunt or our names maybe?  I can't think of any and I want it to be different, fun, creative, and deep... So if you have any ideas PLEASE help a girl out and leave a comment or F-Book me or something.  I'm kinda desperate :) Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. For the love of the Hunt? On the Hunt? The Hunt Honey's? Household of Hunt? Happy, Underpaid, Nice, Twosome? Happy Hunting?