Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crafts crafts crafts!

Babe worked all day today and after finishing whatever homework I wanted to do all my homework I decided to do some crafts!  Thought I would share :) 
The bottom of the vase is still drying but you get the idea :)  Cute hu?!  Thanks for the idea McKenna :)

Winter wreath, still looking for one for my front door.  Any suggestions!?

Curly Bows

Pink bow attached to a headband 

Grey flower attached to headband

Felt  flowers

White lace flowers

Yellow lace flower attached to headband

Yellow lace flowers

Satin flowers

Fabric flowers

Black and rainbow bows 

Valentines bow

Green ribbon flower

 3 Flowers attached to headband

Christmas trees! 

2 flowers attached to a head band 

White lace flower

White headbands

Black headbands

I think a got a little carried away but hey it gave me something to do all day! :) 


  1. Love it! So inspiring- you are so flipping crafty! How did you make the headbands? The elephant's a little random :). I still need to figure out how to do some chair covers.

  2. Amanda they are out of nylons they are SOOO easy to make and that is coming from a girl who just learned how to sew on a button (not my mothers fault) :) Check pintrest! :)