Saturday, January 19, 2013

Craft day!

I see a theme going on here.... I think while babe is at work I get a little lonely and try to make it up with crafts!  That wouldn't be bad except for the fact that we have NO place on any of our walls or shelf's to put any more crafts.  I think I am addicted. All well as long as babe is working I am crafting :) The day started off with all of my supervisor friends (preschool) coming over and decorating our smocks for our last semester in the labs :(  I am so lucky to have so many great girls to work with, it makes going to school and working our butt's off so much easier!

I went a little button crazy but hey it was fun!  Now the trick is getting all the buttons to stay on from the hot glue so I don't have to sew them all on individually! 
I Love Preschool!!

Then I headed over to Ashley's for a little R&C (relaxation and crafts... I may or may not have just made that up...) And I got to see little adorable Abbi so that made it all worth it! :)  We decided to try for a new Valentines day craft, since we have no money I went cheap with just using things I already had around the house.  Ashley made adorable mod podge scrapbook letters that I might have to copy and make anyway (check it out HERE).  I am not totally finished yet but I will have the word LOVE spelled out, 1 letter on each block, and a heart on the last one!  I'm pretty excited about it, even though I have no idea where I am going to put it... But that's a challenge for another day! 

What do you think? For not being to crafty it was pretty easy... I guess I need to check pintrest for some more ideas before February comes (only 1 more Saturday in January to make something for Valentines day!!) Let me know if you have any easy/cheap ideas as well! 

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