Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ensign Peak

We are not much of a hiking family (okay the Cravens aren't- Babe is part mountain goat I swear!)  I guess I have done Ensign Peak before but didn't remember it.  It was such a pretty hike though, the weather was amazing, even a little scary at times with the rain but it was so fun overall! 

Jenson walked the whole way up, I thought I was going to die at points and then I would look up and there is Jenson just walking away like it was nothing.  He wouldn't even hold my hand- he left me in the dust just like his dad!  haha

Grandpa did carry him up the very last part of the hill- grandpas are best! 

Dad read to us some prophecies from Isaiah about this place, another testimony that God has a plan, there is no doubt in my mind that this church isn't true.

While on our way to the top Kyron made it up in like 15 minutes- I guess he thought we were to slow so he tried to carry me up the last little hill! haha

Such a beautiful place, with people I love! 

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