Monday, May 30, 2016

Bahama day 4

If you know me you know how much I LOVE sunsets and sunrises.  Babe was good enough to wake up bright and early with me so that we could catch the sunrise!  It was so peaceful, empty beaches, and just the sound of the water- I seriously need a beach house where I can do this every day! 

 The resort was so pretty early in the morning- and quiet! We were also one the first ones to the buffet for breakfast- score!  I ate soo much fruit! I am pretty sure I had a half a pineapple for every meal! 

We went back to our room after breakfast and took a little nap before heading to the market to go see Tia at "Ms. D's" (named after her late mother).  She told us all about the different types of straw, where it's from, everything from made in the Bahamas!

 Some things she would buy from other islands, ones that did not have tourists on the island- Self reliance at it's finest! 

I wanted to buy 1 of everything she had!  We ended up just getting this amazing bag, that she sewed my name into!  A boy riding a bike for Jenson and some trivets! 

Later that day we headed out to go sailing/snorkeling! It all started out good until I could tell I didn't take my Dramamine... 

The water was so clear!  We saw some schools of fish, and lots of corals! I was afraid to get to deep because some of the corals would sting and burn you so I mostly just floated at the top.  It was probably the combination of the sea moving, not breathing normally, floating, and having my head under the water but I hardly made it back to the boat before I lost everything I ate that day ;)  Good thing there was a bathroom on the boat. Even though I still don't know if I was flushing the toilet right, and there was no lights so I had to leave the door open a little.  Don't worry babe said he didn't hear anything.  I guess I am more like my dad then I thought! haha It was really fun though until I got really sick!  Next time- take Dramamine! 

I wasn't really feeling up to much that day so we went back and I tried to sleep off the motion sickness.  We decided to stick to the buffet for dinner so I could just grab a few things that sounded good.  But when we got down there it was closed- for a outdoor "bahama night" instead.  It was even better!  Lots of different options to eat, live music, and people watching! haha

It was our last night so we walked around enjoying the sunset one more time!  There was even an amazing show showing the history of the Bahamian people.  It was our favorite show we went to.  My favorite part was the fire eater/ dancer!  

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