Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vacation musts

Babe and Austin have a tradition to hike Adams Canyon when we are down, they are the only ones who actually make it to the top- I just stopped going because all I want is to see the waterfall at the end, and pictures work for me! haha

May is birthday month- starting out with Mindy on the first then Ben on the 8th and me on the 9th.  We had a joint party for us 3 before we went home.  Yay for birthdays!! 

^^ These people are my everything.  I love that they please me in taking thousands of pictures all the time while I am there!  ^^

FHE at G&G Cravens helping with yard work.  I have always loved working there, so many memories I have are there.  I am so glad Jenson is getting the chance to hang out there as well! 

Hanging window shutters on Mindy and Mikes house- wasn't as easy as we hoped but they change the look of their house so much!  
Grannie Annies- a MUST for breakfast while in town! I dream about their scones some times! 

Selfies with Grandma.  I love being with family!  My mom is always so good with hanging out outside watching Jenson while I got ready or took naps cleaned the house. ;) You forget what it is like when you don't have so much family around! 
All the men went shooting, I told them to take lots of pictures and even gave them my selfie stick to use.  This is the only one we have- that I took before they left.  haha 
There was so much family in town while we were there that we put together a mini family reunion with all the Watson's (moms side) that could come!  It is so fun having so many aunts and uncles living closer now- we were only missing 2 aunts out of the 6!  It was so fun to catch up with my cousins and just hang out for the night!

On Mothers Day we packed up the car and headed home :( BOO for traveling on holidays and a extra boo for having to leave family.  We were ready to go home though and get back on a schedule, and back to our life in Kansas!

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