Friday, May 27, 2016


On Sunday (May 22) after church Babe handed me this note.  How amazing is he?!  I kept asking for hits (I'm bad with surprises!!) I knew my Aunt and Uncle were watching him (they live in Dallas), and I knew we were flying somewhere.  Just a few weeks before this we were talking about how fun it would be to go to Disney World, drop Jenson off with my aunt and fly down to florida.  I was convinced that was what we were doing. I kept telling Babe that he just needed to tell me what state we were going through, because I knew if he said Florida then we were going to DW.  All he would tell me is "I CAN'T tell you a state"  (which side note, just  the day before I asked him if we needed out passports and he said no so I thought it was stateside!)  It took him quite a few times of him telling me that before I caught on that it was not a state at all!  
 I finally talked him into telling me the day before we left- it was nice to know where we were going so I knew exactly what to pack!  Bahamas here we come!! (is this a dream?!) 
Babe got out of school early on Thursday so we headed down to Texas! 
It worked out really nice because we got there a few hours before Jenson would have to go to bed so he had some time to warm up to everyone (that didn't take long!)  It made it easier to leave Jenson knowing he was with some of my most favorite people.  We knew he was in good hand! 
 Bright and early Friday morning we headed to the HUGE airpot!  We had to give someone our passports before getting to go check in.  I don't really know what happened but Babes passport like broke their computer.  It was so awkward standing there in line with multiple people behind us waiting to check in, and like 4 airport workers trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  Talk about nervous breakdown haha  After a quick prayer, it finally worked!  Phew!  We checked in and headed to security (where my bag got flagged becuase of the vibrating head pillow and Zone bars..) I thought I was going to have to have a pat down haha That's why we made sure to be to the airport extra early! Finally we were through and just had to wait for our flight (which was delayed a little due to the rainstorm.)  
 On the plane at last!  It was only like a 2 1/2  hour flight.  We flew with Sun Wing- I guess they had some bad reviews but we actually thought the plane was really nice (especially the TV's that played Modern Family!)  They even gave out the normal complementary stuff- plus mint chocolates!  

We got to walk off the plane and onto the tar mat, before walking into the airport- so cool! I have always wanted to do that! 
 Walking into the airport there was a line of people waving, shaking hands, taking pictures, and welcoming us to the Grand Bahamas (Freeport)!  Talk about celebrity status! Customs was a breeze (MUCH better then when we went to Cancun)  We were some of the first ones through!  Yahoo! 
 The first day there we decided to just take it easy and go exploring!  We couldn't check in till 3, and we got there around 1 so we went and had some lunch and hung out for a while before heading to our room.  We were at the all inclusive resort, Memories.  We loved it there because of the "all inclusive" part (um hello free food, and how ever much we wanted!)  But what we also loved about it was we could go all over the island to explore, but non of the other resorts there could come over to ours, since none of them were all inclusive (does that make sense? haha)  We decided that the landscaping at our resort was kind of lame compared to some of the other resorts so we would often walk down to enjoy the view at different resorts! haha

 Right across the street from our place was the Port Lucaya Marketplace.  Lots of cute little shops and great places to shop!  

 Also I loved how bright and colorful everything was! 

 At the resort there was a few different options for dinner, the first night we headed to the Steak House!  Out of all the food places I think this one was our least favorite. It also didn't help that it was our longest wait, we were at our table for like a hour and a half before getting our food.  Island time at it's finest!  I was just thankful we didn't have Jenson there with us!   

 By the end of dinner the day of traveling and exploring caught up to us and we decided to call it a night so we could actually get some sleep, un like the night before! 
 The view from our room!

We could call free from a Memories app to the US and we had free wifi (so I-messages and facetime!)  so we called our family, let them we arrived and got to check on Jenson, he didn't even care that we were gone!  

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