Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bahama day 2

It's seriously amazing what a good nights sleep will do for you, sleeping in was a dream!  

 ^^ View from the hotel lobby- the buffet is below ^^

We got to do a Glass Bottom Tour today.  It still crazy how clear the water is, and at parts it was like not even deep!  You could see straight to the bottom and we were way out in the middle of no where!  

 ^^ It's hard to tell but our resort is to the left of the giant cruise  ship looking one (it's hiding behind all the trees)^^

 We got to feed the fish, then we went over a "ship wreck" basically a ship just sunk there, no one died or anything.  But at the ship wreck there were tons of sharks, and we got to feed those as well!  It was sooo cool!  

 After our tour we headed back to the resort for some lunch at the Prop Club! 
It was such a fun little place with a amazing VIEW!  (check it out below!) 
^^ Hard not to enjoy your burger and fries with a view like that! ^^
 After lunch we went back to our room and Facetimed Jenson! OH how miss that little boy! 
 We decided it was about time we go get in the water!  It was the perfect temperature, and there was hardly anyone swimming, it was perfect! 

 After a few hours of swimming and relaxing on the beach we got ready for dinner! 

This was probably our favorite place, even though the first dish was Sushi! haha I did try a small bite, but it's not my favorite! 
 Our awesome chef made our meal right in front of us- it was soo yummy! 
 The beach pretty much clears out after dinner so we went for a nice (looong walk, like over 2 miles) on the beach!  We went as far as we could before it started to get to dark and we wouldn't be able to see.  I collected a few sea shells, saw some sting rays, and even enjoyed the sprinkling rain and beautiful rainbow that came with it! 

 Oblatory name in the sand picture! 

It was the perfect end to an amazing day!  I was even so sore after- walking in the sand is not as easy as some make it look! haha

Day 1

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