Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bahama day 5- last day :(

We had to check out and be to the bus by 1 so we took the morning easy, got breakfast, packed our bag and headed to the prop club for lunch before having to head out!  

So excited to get back and see Jenson! 

What should have been a 2 and a 1/2 hour turned into a 8 hours on that dumb plane! Because of storms in Dallas we had to re route to Huston to fuel and wait for the storm to pass.  We had to sit on the tar mat in Huston for a few hours before we got the go head to head back to Dallas.  There was some majorly grouchy people on that plane, lucky we didn't have Jenson with us or I don't know what I would have done.  We didn't get back to Dallas until after 10.  Our original plan was to drive home (because we should have gotten there around 6)  But because it was so late and the storm was still bad we decided Babe would just have to miss a few classes and we would drive home early in the morning! 
It was a crappy ending to a wonderful trip, but so worth it!  We made it home in time for Babe to make it to a few classes, so all was not lost!  And we had our Jenson back!  He had so much fun with the Watsons, we got hime back more behaved and a better sleeper when he was with us- I'm not sure he they pulled that off but we are forever thankful!  

Happy Anniversary Babe! Thank you for the surprise of a lifetime and best trip around!  Lets do it again soon okay? :) 

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