Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bahamas Day 3

 Sunday Funday!  We knew we wanted to go to church but we were not sure about how to get there, or how much it was going to cost.  It could cost us up to 30$ or more for just the taxi ride there and back.  We decided even if we had to pay it, it was worth it!  

Normally there are a few cabs always waiting in the parking lot- today they were all gone.  So we had to call for one to come, like 2 minutes late one pulled up.  We asked the man if it was for us but he was just there to take some of the employees somewhere else. He asked us if we wanted to join them because the church was on the way!  We all smashed in the car and off we went.  Blessing #1 because we figured we would be splitting the cab fair!  
 When he dropped us off we asked him how much we owed and he just said "nothing, put it in your collection plate".  Lucky for us, that means we got to keep it since we don't have a collection plate. haha It was such a blessing, we knew it was because we were doing the right thing, the Lord was looking out for us!  
 Church was AMAZING!  The Branch president (Lance Brown) was actually from Utah (Centerville) but was there for work, expanding the port.  It was such a different experience, I have never been to a "branch" that small, but the spirit was so strong.  Or maybe it was because we were not trying to entertain Jenson the whole time and we actually got to listen.. haha 
 We met some amazing people there, one of which was so nice to take us home, Tia.  She had the cutest little 2 year old (Brigham) and it was making miss Jenson so much!  On our way home she told us her story and how she is carrying her mom's and families tradition in straw making.  Her store was even one of the stores in the market across the street from our resort!  She is such an incredible lady, I could listen to her stories all day!  We were soo excited to go check out her store on Monday! 
 The rest of the day was just a relaxing lazy one!  There is a little Cafe with ice cream and pastries right by our room- we pretty much got ice cream every day, multiple times a day! haha

 Babe took a nap while I painted my nails! 

 For dinner we went to the Italian Restaurant, YUM!  Oh and that view again?!  I could seriously get used to having a dinner view like that every night while someone else prepares my food!

 ^^ Digesting on the beach! ^^

 It was the perfect Sunday just getting to relax and enjoy each other!  God is good! 

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