Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July!-2016

I LOVE the 4th of July, it's probably my favorite holiday!  I couldn't even sleep the night before and woke up way to early!  Our celebrations started on Sunday.  After church we went over to the Simmons and had a good old BBQ- nothing says 4th of July like a BBQ!  
It's been a tradition every year to make Jensons shirt- I can't believe how big he has gotten (and how much more cooperative he is when painting his hand and placing it on his shirt haha) 
 We hit up the Lenexa parade like last year  except we didn't have my parents with me.  We did bring some Twizzlers with us in honor of them though! We have scoped out some prime location every year.  There is shade from the building behind up all the way till the end of the parade- it's the best!

 Jenson started out pretty restless and wanted to run all over the place, but as soon as the parade started he stayed right by us and watched it go by (for the most part..)  He was so cute pointing at all he cars (which there are a TON of in this parade)!  

 I get a little bitter when I think about next year and not having the Simmons there with us- it's our tradition every year and it's just not going to be the same with out them.  I am pretty sure they can just never move- or at least until we are done with school too!  Deal? ;) 

 Years past the parade was kind of lame with only a few pieces of taffy thrown out- this year was much better. We hit the jack pot with bubble gum and Babe had a fun time blowing bubbles with it!

 After the parade we headed home for naps.  Then we had some stake and potatoes with my attempt at red, white, and blue jello! haha  After dinner we headed out to the golf course to get ready for fireworks.  It's the perfect viewing place, and nice that Jenson can just run around like crazy! We love playing Bocce ball while we wait as well!

Right before the fireworks started we got Jenson all ready for bed and trapped him in his stroller so he couldn't run all around.  We got him out as soon as the fireworks started and he sat on the blanket and watched them with Babe.  He keeps asking when we are going to go see the fireworks again- he loved them, and the parade!

 Kansas fireworks never disappoint they always have lots of hearts, smiley faces, and "USA", in their fireworks!  

We sure are blessed to live in this country with the freedoms we have.  Thank you to all the men and women who so bravely fight for our freedoms and as always God bless America!  

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