Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fathers Day Day Date

For Fathers Day Lindsay and I came up with the genius idea to take our guys to the new Body Worlds museum and to the WW1 monument. We had rain tickets from when my family was here so we decided now was the perfect time!  

How crazy beautiful is it up at the top?!  Ahh I love Kansas City!  
 After the monument we headed to Union Station to see the Body World museum 

At the very beginning there was babies starting at 5 weeks old.  My heart broke for those families who lost those babies.  I can't see how anyone would ever abort a baby after seeing one at just 5 weeks old, where you could tell exactly what it was already.  The second baby was just 25 weeks old and already had hair and everything- he was so cute!  Babies are such miracles! 

^^I was a little nervous going into the museum but it was so cool.  One of my favorite things was when they had the blood vessels in your head, arm, and foot.  I never realized how much blood is really in your head.  Seriously amazing! ^^ 

 Good thing we had 2 body professionals with us to teach us all about what we were actually seeing! haha  A lot of it went right past me but it was fun having Babe there to teach me all about the things he is learning! 

It was so fun to finally see the Body World Museum after seeing signs for it years ago in Idaho.  If you have ever wanted to go, you totally should!  It's truly amazing to see it! 

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