Friday, July 8, 2016

Drive in Movie

Kansas heat is no joke but we decided to not let that stop us from having fun!  A group of friends were all heading to the drive in so I talked Babe into going too!  He is such a good sport!  They have a fun little playground in front of the screen that you can play on- Jenson loves this ghetto slide, even if he does get crazy dirty while playing! 

Seriously- check out those storm clouds!  Amazingly beautiful!

 There is also this little hill with a creek at the bottom.  It was quite the chore making sure Jenson didn't run for it, but we had fun watching all the other kids fall in the water hahaha

We went to go see The Secret Life of Pets.  I was convinced Jenson would love it and want to sit there and watch it... he made it about 10 minutes in before he got restless.  It was nice while it lasted!
I ended up in the back of the car with Jenson trying to keep him occupied enough so I could still enjoy the movie.  We wanted to stay for the BFG that was playing right after but with a child who refuses to sleep not in his bed, we decided it was best on all of us to head home.  Over all it was a fun night with friends, we got to watch a cute movie, and cross things off our Kansas must do list!  So I would call the night a win! 

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