Saturday, July 9, 2016

Playing in the rain!

I am not above bribing Jenson to get him to do things #bestmomever.  So today I his reward was to get to go swimming, he was so good all morning running errands with me, so I promised him after his nap we would go to the pool.  Of course because we wanted to go do something fun he took a freakishly long nap!  We had dinner plans with some friends at 5:30 and he woke up at 4.  I figured even a hour of swimming would be enough so I  could keep my promise.  We got all ready and ran out the door.  As soon as we got to the pool it started pouring rain.  We were meeting some friends there so I called her to see if they were shutting down the pool, of course they were.  But since we were already all in our swimsuits it didn't matter if we got all wet so we headed to the park instead to just play in the rain.  

It was hard core raining the whole time- Jenson was already soaked in like 5 minutes of being outside! I stayed mostly dry with the umbrella- someone had to be taking pictures haha

 It's hard to tell but it's raining in every picture-Jenson was in heaven! 

^^ Can you spy the rainbow through the trees? ^^
 Somehow the kids ended up just laying the the warm gutter water.  My cleanliness in me was shouting but YOLO right? haha So I let him puddle jump and play to his hearts desires! 

^^ These two are thick as thieves! I love it! ^^

We even got home and showered just in time to make dinner!  We got some strange looks I'm sure but seeing the look on Jenson face made it all worth it!  I would call it a mom win for sure!  

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