Friday, July 29, 2016

Fort Worth Texas- Vacation!

My parents wanted to go on vacation and what better place then in Dallas with some of our favorite people?  The timing worked out PERFECT because Babe had a seminar in Oklahoma City the same weekend.  We drove down with him and then Jenson and I drove the rest of the way to Texas to join my parents!  It was just what I needed!  We started our tour at the Federal Reserve "mint".  My dad has always wanted to go but it was always closed or something else so he has never gone.  There is only 2 in the US so we had to go since it was close to my aunts house.  

I'm bummed you can't take any pictures there so this is the best you can get- those little pyramid looking building are where it's at! They shuttle you over to the building after you go though security, that's why it's so far away.  Also Jenson is getting to big for his pack in play so I he got to sleep in the "big boy bed" AKA my bed haha I was nervous how he would do but he actually did pretty well.  It could have been because he played soo hard every day! 
After the Mint we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  They moved some of the long horns down through the town like they used to way back when.  It was kind of a let down when we were picturing a stampede of running long horns... It was only a few and they slowly walk down the street with a few cowboys leading them. Still Jenson loved it and it was cool to see them so up close! My favorite part though was touring around the little town.  I love old historic building!  The weather was pretty dreamy as well, it even started to downpour while we were there.  Most of us took cover while my dad happily chased Jenson around in the rain as he splashed in all the puddles! <3 p="">

^^ Misters! ^^

They had the most amazing candy store FULL of barrels of different candies, mostly taffy.  My dad let us pick out our own favorite candy, Jenson went a little crazy for the taffy!  He really was in heaven in that store and kept chanting "Candy! Candy! Candy!"

After the stockyards we headed to get a tour of my Uncles work.  A nice CNA even gave Jenson a sucker and he was in heaven.  I was happy when he gave it to me to throw away- I seriously have a OCD about the mess suckers make, it gives me anxiety thinking about how sticky he gets!  Ahhh #yolo right? 
We had promised Jenson all day that if he was a good boy we would go swimming.  My aunt and uncle just moved into a house with their own pool so we could go swimming whenever we wanted!!! 

We had Hamburgers for dinner- something about swimming make every hamburger taste amazing- am I right? yummmm
After Jenson finally went to sleep, he normally goes to bed around 7 but on vacation it was more like 9 or later.. haha So after he went down we had a "stripping" party in the kitchen working on getting all of the hideous wallpaper down!  

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