Friday, July 15, 2016

Shawnee Mission Park - video

Babe had an adjusting seminar all night so I took the chance to head to Shawnee Mission Park and look around.  We had been here before but just drove through it, so I was so excited to actually get out of the car and look around!  We played at the park, went up the steep stairs to see all over the park, went to the lake, and took pictures by a wild patch of sunflowers!  Get ready for some major picture overload and a video at the end! 

 ^^ Jenson's obsessed with the gopro, and wouldn't let it go the whole time we were on the tower! I guess he takes after his mama! ^^

^^ I made Jenson take lots of pictures with me, they are kind of my favorite! ^^

 ^^ this is his "I'm so sick of "cheesing"" face haha ^^

Such a fun night at the park.  Jenson loved exploring just as much as I did! We are going to have to go back with Babe soon!  Way to be Kansas- I don't think I can ever get sick of your views!  

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