Tuesday, July 7, 2015

4th of July- 2015

I LOVE the 4th of July!  Something about family, friends, BBQ's and our Freedom just get me I guess.  This year was soo fun because my parents were visiting!  
We hit the Lenexa parade in the morning, a lame parade filled with cars, political campaigns,  and some random mid evil festival people mostly but it's tradition and I love it!

 We wanted to make sure to get "our spot" (that has shade the entire parade.. it's a beautiful thing!)  We packed lots of treats and bubbles to keep Jenson entertained until the parade started.  Even though he mostly wandered all around the block (it's so nice to have extra hands to take him! Thanks mom and dad for always chasing after him!)

 We started a tradition last year to "hand" make (haha get it?) Jenson's shirt!  Some day I want to put all of his shirts together and make a quilt or something- how awesome would that be? It also shows you how big his hand (and the rest of him!) has gotten each year!  He even got lots of compliments on it so I would call that a win ;) 
 Jenson LOVED the parade, every time he heard music he would start dancing and he would wave and blow kisses to everyone passing by- so much different from last year when he mostly slept through the whole thing! haha He even stayed on my lap for almost the entire parade (now that's rare!)  

After the parade we headed home for naps and food prep for our BBQ :) 
 My dad made these AMAZING hamburgers filled with hash brown's, eggs, and bacon!

 some of our spread!  I'm drooling just thinking of it... 

After dinner we headed to the golf course to pick out our spot for Fireworks and play some Bocci ball

 ^^ Jenson would not sit still.. He wanted to pick up every ball we were playing with!  He was our little shadow- just look how red he gets! haha The plus was the weather was amazing the entire day!  It was only in like the 70's maybe 80's with a nice breeze and low humidity! ^^

Jenson only got a short nap and stayed up way past his bed time!  He started to get kind of grouchy around 8:30 so we put him in his stroller to watch MMC, drink lots of  water, and have a snack, and so he could cool down haha 

The fireworks didn't disappoint as usual, Jenson was awake during he whole thing!  He kept pointing to the fireworks and clapping when they would go off!  (I LOVE this age!)

After fireworks Jenson pretty much crashed, while the rest of us watched a movie!  
It was a perfect day filled with some of my favorite people.  I loved showing my parents around out town- and they loved not being in Utah with the 100 degree weather ;)  
We sure are thankful for our freedoms and all of those men and women who fight to keep us free!
God Bless America! 

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