Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eureka Springs Day 1

Babe and I decided to take a last minute weekend trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with some friends.  Now when I say last minute here is about how it went down...
Thursday afternoon-ish  I was dropping Reese off at the school and picking up Babe.  I had to hurry because Reese and her family were going on a camping trip for the weekend (hint: to Eureka Springs) and were leaving right away.  
Babe was outside talking to them and joking that we were going to tag along with them.  When I got there and they told me where they were going and what they were going to do I wanted to go sooo bad!  I LOVE vacations and last minute ones are even better!  
Driving home that afternoon we kept talking about it and if we really should go.  We decided it would depend if there were even any cabins available, so we called Lake Leatherwood and sure enough there was 1 cabin left.  We decided it was meant to be.  We booked it and I started packing.  We decided it would be the best use of time if we left in the morning instead of late that night so we woke up bright and early, packed up the car and hit the road!  It was only like a 3 1/2 hour drive (a lot less then our trip to Utah lasting about 18+ hours... so that seemed like nothing!) 

 We were on the road!  Jenson is such a good traveler, we didn't even stop (hence the reason he is only in his diaper because when we finally got there he had soaked through his pants a little.. Mom fail!  I guess I didn't realize how much water he had been drinking!) 

 Our little cabin had quite the charm...;) After I killed the nest of daddy long leg spiders and knocked down the beehive Babe started bringing in all our stuff (yes you did read that right.. I did it because if you know Babe, you know he is afraid of spiders.. haha) 
We thought about buying a tent and doing some official camping but looking back the cabin was the only way to go.  Not to mention the AC that saved us on the hot humid days!  It was also perfect for Jenson so he could have his own "room" for nap time and for bed.  

  After checking in and un packing we went to go meet up with the rest of the crew to go swimming.  The lake we were staying on looked really nasty and they had covered the swimming area in hay and the geese were using it for more of a bathroom.. long story short we ended up swimming at Beaver Dam near by.  Any just in case you were wondering, no it was not made by Beavers ;)

 Jenson LOVES the water, he kept trying to drink it (nasty I know...) I'm convinced he would last all day if he knew how to swim by himself.  He just got so fed up with his life jacket and floaty and having people hold him, he just wanted to be on his own! 

 ^^ You can defiantly tell where people were swimming and kicking up the mud.. haha ^^

After swimming we went back to camp to shower (another bonus to cabins vs tents) and get ready before going into town to eat and explore.
^^ Yummy Mexican joint we ate at^^
After dinner we went do to old town Eureka Springs to look around.  The town is like hidden in trees, it has the coolest shops, artwork, and streets to walk around.  We got to town a little later after a lot of the shoppes had closed but we want to go back and just tour all the little shops and see what random things we can find!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall- and that wall is in Eureka Springs in case you were wondering ;)

Seriously though this town was unlike any other we had ever seen.  You need to go just to walk the streets- no joke! 

We headed back to camp a little while later to put Jenson to bed and eat some smores.  Another bonus to cabins... after Jenson was asleep we locked up and went outside for a fire with the gang- Jenson slept save and sound.  And we had 1 to many smore's and roasted straburst's... ;) Speaking of which we found our new favorite way to do smores
graham cracker- reese- marshmallow- graham cracker!
Holy AMAZING! Far better then herseys- go try it like now! Not kidding...

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