Sunday, July 19, 2015

KC Zoo with my parents

On Friday (July 3) we went to the KC zoo.  We had been blessed with amazing weather the entire week- not to hot and hardly any humidity!  Our zoo has lots of new babies so I was excited to see all of those.  The Baby Gorilla is the newest- born on May 23 (or something...)  it was so cute!  

 We also watched the elephant show- the first time for us!  They fed them an entire watermelon like it was nothing!  It was crazy to see- Jenson was pretty entertained the whole time as well.

 ^^ Just taking a break in "Africa" ^^

 It's hard to see but if you look close you can also see the baby chimpanzee 

After the zoo we headed to Joe's Kansas City BBQ for some famous Kansas cooking!  yummmmmm! After dinner when we were walking to our car we saw the Elders.  The crazy part was that my dad taught one of them (Elder Smedley) at Layton High (Seminary). What a small world it is!  

 ^^ Jenson must take after his mom ;) ^^
Have you ever put balls in your kids shirt and watched them run around? It was so funny we couldn't stop laughing! 

 Jenson is not a cuddler but when it gets him out of going to bed she will ;) 
That night we slept well to say the least. That concludes the rest of our week :(  We had an amazing 4th of July together.  Sunday we went to church and facetimed our families as we welcomed out newest nephew Watsin Joel Craven into the family (I'm DYING to go hold my new niece AND nephew!!) 
Monday afternoon we had to take my parents back to the airpot to meet up with their group to finish out their Church history tour.  It was amazing having them here and showing them all around our town!  We love having visitors and can't wait till they come again! 

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