Monday, July 13, 2015

Parents visit continued

We started out Thursday morning with going to one of my new favorite places to go shopping, 1/2 of 1/2!  Mom of course loved it but Jenson and my dad were not huge fans and spend most of the time wandering around leaving a goldfish path of where they had been... ;) 
After shopping we waited for Babe to get home from school so we could start the real fun!
 When Babe got home we headed down town to check out the sites in KC.  First up, the Sea Life Aquarium!  Jenson LOVED it, and honestly so did everyone else!  Jenson was pointing the whole time and would make sure we knew what he was seeing, he loves fish so I knew that would be a hit!

 No time to stop and smile for a picture, this kid was to interested in everything else!

I loved how the aquarium had tons of things you could climb under or over so you could see all the fish and thing from a whole new level!  

 After the aquarium we went to the Hallmark Center- a must see for our family!  Jenson went crazy on the bow making machine and I went crazy taking pictures ;)

 I sure love Jenson's "attack your face" kisses! :)
 Next we headed to Fritz's to have some trains deliver our food.  Jenson was so intrigued the whole time- much more then he was the first time we went!  It is so fun to see him experience things that he loves! 

 On our way home we stopped by the Liberty Memorial and WW1 museum.  We decided we were done for the day so we just walked around outside and enjoyed the view- next time we will have to go inside for sure!  

 I love having people to chase around Jenson so I can be lazy and just take pictures! 

After we got back from Crown Center and relaxed for a bit Mom and I headed back to 1/2 of 1/2 (without the boys!) for a little more uninterrupted time.  We made out with a haul of school uniform clothes for Mindy- most of the clothes only being $1 :)  

 That night called for a movie and some major relaxation! I was out cold the first 10 minutes into the movie so I pooped out early and went to bed to get ready for another full day of adventures!! :)  

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