Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

First off you should probably know that this post is going to be so random and knowing me hard to follow.  This blog is more of my journal since I am nothing like my mom and don't have a legit journal that I write in every night. So a lot of the things on here are so I can remember what was important to me... With that being said if you make it to the end then congrats.  Or just enjoy the pictures, they are the most important anyway! 

When I was little Halloween was always a highlight but then again the holiday does revolve around candy so how could it not be? My mom was always the best at finding us our outfits, mostly making them.  I don't have any of mine but enjoy these of my sister to get an idea...
My favorite costumes (or at least the ones I can remember) were dressing up like: Shirley Temple, a Clown, and a Grandma {seriously this grandma outfit was legit!} We still have a couple of totes full of different costumes at my moms house.  I remember neighbors would come over and look through it and find something for everyone in their family.  I love those costumes!  
I remember we would have to eat all our dinner before we could go out Trick or Treating, this was always so hard because mostly my dad would make some type of bean soup that I didn't like so I had to force it down, which of course I always did for the sake of getting a pillowcase full of candy! Yes, a pillow case, we didn't take around those wimpy pumpkin buckets.  Come on people this is free candy we are talking about.  We always knew where to go for the best candy.  When we would get home we would dump out our bag and start sorting.  This is when we would exchange our candy {I would give Jillisa 3 Musketeers, while she would give me something in return...} We would normally fall asleep with our candy in our bed and wake up and do the same thing, counting and sorting making sure no one ate our candy.  Except for mom or dad they were allowed to, you just had to hide some of your Kit Kats, and Reeses so mom wouldn't take them all ;)
We also didn't have any of that "2 pieces a day" junk.. My moms theory was the sooner we ate it the faster it was gone and she could get all her bowls back.  And thats what would always happen a few days later... :)

College came and it wasn't so much about the candy as it was dressing up with your roommates and going to parties on campus.  Besides you can buy your own candy and save a ton of work for yourself!  
4 years ago today my sweet grandpa Watson passed away {you can read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE} I will always remember that day.  My grandma was the first person that I really knew that passed away.  We had the privilege of living so close to them and we would be over their daily helping out with things around the house or just visiting.  Grandpa was really sick with parkinson's (and other things...)  and didn't talk much, he also started to forget things like our names.  I remember coming home from college one weekend and I went to go visit him.  I knew that he was not doing so well and his time here was limited.  As went to say goodbye he told me "I love you, Brielle"  I couldn't remember the last time he had said that, but not because he didn't mean it.  That was the last time I ever saw my grandpa.  When we was dying my mom wouldn't let me come home because of the sweet experience I had just had with him.  She didn't want me to see him the way he was, which I am so grateful for.  My grandpa was my hero, I miss him and my grandma so much.  What I wouldn't give for one of his giant bear hugs right now.  

From that day on Halloween changed for me, it wasn't about dressing up and getting candy or going to parties anymore.  It was more about my family and making new memories with them.  I found this post from 2 years ago {HERE} and started crying, happy tears.  I am so thankful for having a family that I am so close to and would rather spend every minute with them then doing other things.  Holidays are the hardest for me.  I miss our traditions, even eating nasty bean soup before we can go trick or treating. I miss not seeing my cute nieces and nephews today especially when they look as cute as they do: 
 {Little Bo Peep, her sheep, and Red Riding Hood}
Look at all those superheroes!  And of course beautiful Cat! 
(of course this isn't all of them... just the ones I got pictures of)

This year the extent of me dressing up will most likely be my ghost earrings I got a few years back.  Don't get me wrong I would love to dress up and make new memories with Babe but this year its 1) not in the budget and 2) at a weird stage in life.

Let me explain my #2.  When Babe and I were driving to the pumpkin walk this year we were talking about all the fall things we {I} love to do.  But we are in this weird stage in life.  When you are newlyweds its like the fun thing to do as your first halloween together.  But we are past the newlywed stage and we don't have kids yet which makes us in this weird stage.  Sure doing fall things would be fun {picking pumpkins, carving them, dressing up, etc} but I feel a little weird doing it.  It's like when you are at that stage where you are too old be trick or treating door to door and everyone looks at you kind of funny because you are old enough to be buying your own, or going to a party or something...
We decided that next year is going to be a lot different.  We will have baby boy and those fall things will actually be fun as we do them with our little family.  It like having a kid is an excuse to do all the things you want to but didn't because you felt to old or something.  So this year the pumpkin walk was the extent of our celebrating, I did manage to put up a few Halloween decorations also.  Babe has to work tonight anyway so I am going to be tagging along at Lindsay and Travis's tonight instead of being home alone.  Boy am I thankful for good friends that let us come over all the time (and feed us...).  

So gear up for next year, I am already on the look out for our perfect costumes and we are going to create all those family traditions I love so much (maybe we will have potato bacon soup instead of bean soup though...) I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. Take lots of pictures, you will only regret the pictures you didn't take.  

Happy Halloween!

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