Friday, October 18, 2013

Pregnancy clothes... Help?

Hey ladies I need your help... again!

Where do you find your maternity clothes? I feel like my closet makes me look so frumpy and I really want to actually look cute.  Weird right?  I don't have loads of money to spend (I have never spend more than $10 on a shirt...maybe thats why I look frumpy.) But I am just throwing it out there to see where you have found your cute maternity clothes for cheap.  Maybe I look at pintrest to much but I love all the "fall" outfits.  You know the ones I'm talking about but I don't want to spend a ton of money on something that I look stupid in or isn't that comfy.  I really want a cute pair of boots for fall/winter that won't hurt my feet (the only shoes I have been wearing are the walmart $2 flip flops because they are the comfiest and I can wear them for long period of time without my feet acing to bad.) Jillisa would always tell me "beauty hurts" but I am hoping to look good AND feel good ;).

I don't think I have a "style" like I said most my clothes are from the clearance rack at Ross, DI, or Savers.  So another question... What looks best while pregnant?  I just bought a cute maxi dress at Target, but thats like the only thing that makes me feel "stylish" can I wear anything with it to mix up the look? I am pretty sure my ward will start to think of me weird if I wear the same dress every week anyway.  

So really any help would be great. 
Where do you shop for CHEAP maternity clothes?  (pants, shirts, cardigans?)
What do you pair with them to make the look different? (jacket, belt?)
What are you favorite comfy clothes that still look good?
Where can I find a cute, decent priced jean jacket? 

Thanks again for all your help,
Love one helpless frumpy looking pregnant woman! 

The "Fall" look which I LOVE but I was never really 'skinny' in the first place so I am not sure if I could even pull it off.  But look how comfy it looks ;) 


  1. H&M has cute maternity clothes! They have a lot of cute just basic shirts! And I think pregnant ladies always look cute in leggings and a flowy top and a cardigan and boots!
    --Kate (Matt's cousin) :)

  2. I found a couple of shirts that I LOVE at Gordman's. They're comfortable and they show off my teeny bump plus, they'll stretch with me while I grow...

  3. I think you should buy some pajama jeans...just sayin, I'm sure that will solve your problem! ;) (I went shopping yesterday, watch for a package!) And, maybe we should have had you go through my whole box of pregnancy clothes. I'm convinced nothing makes me feel better then NEW and DIFFERENT. After 4 babies, I've acquired a lot! It could have given you a lot of mileage! I'll have to see when Chad is headed there next---maybe he'll bring you a box!