Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Calling all moms!

I was talking with Babe the other night, telling him everything I want for our baby boy.  His eyes got big and slightly nervous looking and I knew what was coming next, the finances talk. Joy.  I know everything I "want" is obviously not going to happen right now but my problem is distinguishing my "wants" from my "needs".  That is where you come in.  We don't have a lot of money so to start off we are going trying to get the things we need {carseat, diapers, wipes...etc}.  But you see this is our first child and we don't really know what a lot of the needs are.  So please do share, what have you found is a need for your new baby?  What do you use most?  Where have you found the cheapest stuff?

I was also thinking we also need enough clothes {du} but how much do you need?  How many PJS are necessary for example.  Baby boy will be born when it's cold so I know he can't just be in a diaper all day and will need actual clothes... Does any of this make sense?

So far in our baby department we have a crib (no mattress), a bassinet, bumbo, and some NB clothes but mostly 3-6 month things.  Is there any specific item of clothing or furniture type thing that would be qualified as a need?  I started making a list but would love for you to help me add things to it, or even how many of each thing (like diapers, how they heck am I supposed to know how many to have when he is born.  He could be a pooping machine for all we know...)

Here is my starting list:
-Stroller {hopefully one that fits the carseat, or comes with it...}
-Diapers {sizes, amount?}
-Wipes {rubber gloves}
-Bottles {I want to breastfeed but I still need some of these right?}
-Blankets {favorite kind, amount?}
-Crib mattress {are these 1 size fits all?}
-Crib bedding {sheets, mattress cover}
-Clothes {pants, pjs, socks?}
-Pacifiers {amount?}
-Breastfeeding stuff {what is the "stuff"? Some type of cover...?}

I feel pretty lost and would seriously love all your input on things you have or wish you had.  Where you found your things for "cheap" (or if you just want to give me stuff I am always willing to take anything and everything!)  Thanks in advanced!


  1. I already tried this once, but it got deleted. Boo. Here's my two cents (again!)
    Even with living far away, blankets, diapers, wipes and the such are popular gift items. I wouldn't buy any until the week before he's born is you haven't gotten ANYTHING from anyone yet. I know Grandma Craven always makes and sends a blanket anywhere you live, and Mom usually makes one and I think she has one saved from Grandma Watson. I've got about 500 that you could have too. Diapers, pacifiers, wipes, breast cream, even formula you can take from the hospital when little man is born. I wouldn't buy any of those either--you will most certainly come home from the hospital with enough to get you through a week or two, until you know what else you need. I always hesitate to buy diapers ahead of time cuz who knows if your baby is going to be ginormous and not fit in the little size and then you've just burned all sorts of cash. They are an easy thing to sent Matt to the store for. I would get yourself a few breast pads--more awkward for Matt to go and get. If it were me, even on a tight budget, I would buy one box of each kind so you could figure out what kind you like best. Bottles--my FAVORITE bottles are the cheapo walmart ones. They are a buck a piece and I have tried every bottle under the sun. Lots of people worry about nipple confusion, but it's never been a problem for my babies, even my nursing babies. Also, you should do an internet search and sign up for every free new mom package under the sun. I got a months supply of formula and all sorts of bottles and coupons, just for signing up. Fun packages to get! Carseat is a must, but as long as the expiration date is way out there still, you can still buy used. Be weary of buying great car seats off amazon--super good deals usually mean really soon expiration dates and then you'll just have to go buy a new one next year anyway. A stroller is nice, but not a need, at least not right away. If you can find a combo pack off craigslist, that would be a good deal. Crib sheets are one size fits all, and they are cheapish. I would recommend buying white--gender neutral is your friend. I can't believe how much pink we bought with Katelyn, that the boys had to use, because we still didn't have money for the next baby. They are SO EASY to make! Let's plan a crib sheet making party when you are hear for Thanksgiving--I'm not kidding, I whipped 2 out in half hour. I know you could make a whole supply in a day. Bouncer--these are not a need, but it is nice to have a place to put the baby as you move around the house--they can hang out with you in the bathroom while you get ready or on the counter while you make dinner. See if there is one you can borrow? My kids are only in them for like 2 or 3 months before they are wanting to be more upright and we move to a bumbo and then all to soon they are moving. If you decide to buy one, wait for deals--you can pick them up cheap. Clothes are another SUPER popular gift--people love to buy clothes, and mail them~! I've got a whole box for you to look at--all little sizes. If it were me, I would pick up one package of long sleeved white onesies in each size (newborn, 0-3, 3-6). That will help fill in any gabs you might have from lack of giftage. The first few weeks babies just wear PJ's anyway, and you will most certainly get those for gifts. I wouldn't buy anything else.

  2. I'm so excited for you! Your blog is so cute. Something I couldn't live with out is a nice supportive baby carrier or sling. I prefer to wear baby over pushing a stroller. Nice ones are kind of pricey but I love mine and don't know what I would do without it.

  3. LOTS of thick burp cloths! I would sometimes put an extra blanket or larger burp cloth under his head while he was sleeping to prevent from having to change spit up sheets so often. I would have LOVED to have had a baby wrap of some kind (carrier). Ummm...we had 4 binkys and that was fine for us. One for the crib, one for the diaper bag and then 2 just in case they got lost. haha. Muslin blankets are great for swaddling. I also used socks as mittens to keep him from scratching himself. Have a night light or something for nightly diaper changes. My favorite PJs were the gowns that have elastic at the bottom to keep their feet in and covers for the hands. Breastfeeding you will want nursing pads. I tried the washable kind and they didn't work for me. I liked the Lansinoh Overnight kind of disposables (at Walmart), nipple cream, nursing cover, milk storage bags, breast pump, (hand held or electric), nursing bras...I think that's it?