Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Walk

We finally did something this weekend that made it seem more like Fall.  We went to a pumpkin walk with my family last year (?) I just remember all the crazy decorated pumpkins so when we heard about one near us we decided we had to go.  Saturday was also the coldest day it has been all year, that morning was freezing!! But by that night it was perfect weather, for me at least!  We had some pretty high expectations going into it so we were not overly thrilled with the overall experience but it was still enjoyable to see. 
The cool thing about this pumpkin was was you got to go through a little hiking trail to see all the pumpkins.  Most of the pumpkins are donated by different groups (mostly different church groups) so they could carve whatever they wanted.  We found a theme while walking through, most of the pumpkins were either faces carved by younger children, or something that associated with scouts or another thing about religion (crosses mostly...) There was however some pretty cool ones (most of them pictured below...)  Nothing like the ones we saw last year but still pretty cool! 
After you come out of the trial of pumpkins there was little booths where you could buy roasted almonds, popcorn, funnel cakes, and hot dogs.  Of course we had to get the almonds to remind us of home (mostly my dad, they are his favorite!) There was also a firetruck there talking about fire safety.  We might just have to make this a yearly thing just for the fun of it! 

 Our favorites (or we liked them because they reminded us of our family...) 

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