Monday, October 14, 2013

25 Weeks

I can hardly believe we are already 25 weeks, I feel like I am so tiny in pictures but HUGE when I look down... haha 
I have been trying to get Babe to feel baby boy move but every time he puts his hand on my stomach our little dude stops moving, he thinks he has felt him a few times but was never sure.  But this morning I was determined.  He is normally pretty active in the mornings but Babe works from 4-11 in the morning so he is hardly ever home.  But today he didn't work so I knew it was our chance, and guess what? It WORKED! His face was priceless, he officially felt him move, multiple times! 
We got to hear baby boys heartbeat this week.  It was our first appointment that we didn't get to have a ultrasound, depressing!  I love looking at little dude and putting pictures of him all over our fridge.  But the best news was... We got the go ahead to go home for Christmas!! I was soo nervous to ask her and when we did at first she looked at me like was a stupid and shook her head.  Then she realized I was due the end of January, not December.  She was still kind of iffy on it but she said if we came back before January then it would be okay.  I have had a pretty normal pregnancy anyway, so there was nothing to really be concerned about.  Phew!  Now we just have to get some money and get our plane tickets home!!  {donations or flight miles welcome!}
Other than that everything else is pretty normal, well for me at least.  I still get pretty sick but so did my mom so it looks like I just got her lucky genes ;).  We have everything we NEED for the baby well sorta, we have clothes, diapers, a crib (with mattress), car seat, and a stroller.  Of course we need lots more but I feel a little better that we have all we do already.  Now we just need to start getting his nursery ready and I will feel much better! 

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