Friday, October 4, 2013

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice, family traditions

I am not going to lie, this week has hit me pretty hard.  I find myself crying more than usual, the dishes piling up and no dinner made (even though that's pretty normal).  I love holidays but it sure makes me think of home and what everyone else is doing.  I find myself fbook stocking my family more, looking at pictures of my nieces and nephews, and coloring pictures for them to send home. I hate being so far away and having no money to go home and see my family as often as I want.  I wish so bad I could be home this weekend, enjoying the first snow with my family.  Having home cooked meals, holding my little nephews and having a tea party with my older ones.  I love our family traditions.  One of my favorite times of the year is when General Conference rolls around.  I love listening to our prophet speak and getting answers to things I have been praying about.  And the fact that I get to enjoy it all in the comfort of my own home (thank you technology!) is even better.

When I was younger conference looked a little something like this.
Dad would take us out on Saturday morning, or sometime before and we would stock up on treats of all kinds.  My favorite were the Zingers and little candies like M&Ms for my bingo card.  Mom was dressed in her Sunday best, hair done and listening to the pre music play.  Dad would sit down in green rocking chair, leg crossed over with his notebook and pen.  The older siblings would have just been dragged out of bed, or looked like it at least. It was first come first serve for the comfy chairs so you wanted to be there early.  The candy would be in a big bowl on the floor with bingo sheets and pictures of all the prophets laid out. Once the candy was gone (or mom put it away for the day) most of us kids would being having a "Lehi's Dream", doodling, or getting ready for the day while still "listening" to conference.  My favorite part was when all our family that lived around would come over after the last session of conference on Sunday and we would have Chicken Salad Sandwiches on crescent rolls! yummm! I didn't really understand the meaning or listen intently, just for the special word to finally get a "Bingo" on my card.  Depending on what session my dad got tickets for we might have gone to conference, or at least the adults would have.
Fast forward multiple years and this is what it looks like.
I would come home from college bringing as many of my college roommates/friends as I could.  Because after all friends and family are the most important things right?  ;)  My mom would somehow find room for everyone at the house, even if we did send the boys away to Kasey's for the night. We would have a big breakfast and then depending on what session (or sessions) my dad got us tickets for we would go down to the conference center.  If we didn't want to fight the crowds after we would walk around temple square until the next one started and listen to conference out on the lawn with all the other people. I mostly spend these days day dreaming about being Babes girlfriend, even though I actually did listen and understand more- just no bingo sheets! The boys would all go to the priesthood meeting while us girls would craft (or babysit all the kids...) We would get pizza or whatever we had leftover in the fridge, and the boys actually got to go out for dinner, psssh! Sunday would basically be the same even though we would stay for a session maybe and then once again after the last Sunday session we would all have Chicken Salad Sandwiches on crescent rolls!  
Fast forward a little farther further.
Babe and I are married (I guess all my day dreaming payed off!)  along with some of our other friends in our group, or on missions!  The group of friends I brought home mostly consisted of Babe and our good friend Melissa (even though she is more family than a friend anyway) Going down to conference wasn't that big of a deal,  who wants to fight the crowds anyway?  And besides I would much rather spend the time with my family in our own home anyway, that's where the food is! My older siblings would come over for a session or two but for the most part it there was only a few of us at home.  This is when I truly found a love for conference, sure I loved the idea before (but with that much candy who couldn't?) but now is the time I really find comfort in our prophets words, find answers to my prayers, and enjoy the things which are being said.  I know they are for me and I am blessed to hear them.  
Fast forward for the last time to this weekend. 
Obviously it hasn't come yet but it looks am guessing it will go something like this... I'll can talk Babe into buying some treats (like that should be hard right;), he will happily hook up his new Apple Tv and watch conference on that (gotta love technology when you don't have cable!).  I'll be the one in my Sunday best, mostly because I really want to wear my new dress... babe will be curled up on the couch, our notebooks will be ready to write down inspiring things.  And we will sit here, just us two.  Now thats a change...  Saturday night I'll try to talk Lindsay into doing a craft night with me, since I know my sisters will be doing one.  Maybe we can also talk time into coming over for a session or two so aren't so alone.  We are even carrying on the tradition of making Chicken Salad Sandwiches, just earlier so we can enjoy them the whole day- Babes idea! :) I have questions ready and I am excited to start our own traditions.  There might be a few tears (okay lets be real, a tons of tears) but I knew that was going to happen since we moved to Kansas anyway.  

A lot of things are changing and this is just the first of many.  I am thankful for my supportive husband, even if he does come home and ask is someone died from the tears coming down my face.  I don't know what I would do without him.  They say "It will all be worth it"  I am just wondering when does that exactly happen?  I know we are supposed to be here and we will be blessed by doing so, but it sure doesn't make it any easier.  I am thankful for the gospel and that we can go to church in a ward that loves us and has already made us feel so welcomed.  I love that the church is the same no matter where you are.  I can't wait to listen to our prophets voice, I know he is a prophet of God and he leads and guides this church.  What a blessing it is to have living prophets on this earth.  I am thankful for family traditions and for the joy that they bring to my life.  I am thankful for memories, and technology so I can still see my family and friends even though they are far away.  I am thankful for soft tissues, seriously who ever came up with putting lotion in tissues is a genius! I am thankful for the good days 
and the bad days, it's the only way I can truly know how happy I am.  

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