Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday at the Cravens *picture overload!

 Mindy and Mike were making picture frames! 
Jillisa was making her licence plates project...
 Kasey and Chelsi were also making picture frames!

 and Matt and I... we were on Kanyin duty! 

 Dad helped with the little ones! 

 And there was lots of talking and relaxing! 
 hahaha he put these on by his own will! He just makes me laugh! 
 This is his "stud" face/pose 
 Isn't he a cutie?!

 My pumpkin :) 
 On Thursday night we rode down to Utah in a bus so Matt had it for a charter he had to do all day Friday.  So on Saturday night we went to the Pumpkin Walk in the bus!! :) All the kids LOVED it... the older ones felt a little embarrassed but it was really fun!

 We didn't quite fill up the bus... But it was better than everyone driving on their own :) 

 I love this boy! He is such a good sport to drive all of us all over the place so that the kids can have fun, okay and all the rest of us! 
 Sorry this is a not so great picture... my dad had the nice camera, so ill try to get those pictures soon!

 I love my daddy! :) 

 On our way back to Rexburg we stopped in Pocatello to see our new niece Addison, what a cutie- 9 lbs 2oz!

Matt is going to be the best daddy one day! :) 

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