Friday, October 7, 2011


Seriously its one thing after another it seems like... let me explain: So we got our  power bill the other day and it was for 150 bucks- really?! we talked to some of our friends that live here and they said that the most they have ever paid for electricity and for gas was around 40 bucks and that was in the dead of winter!  So Matt called the company to have someone come and look at our meter and they sent a guy over this morning (super early- like I was still dead asleep, and he woke me up :( rudy!) And he said he did all these tests and it show up fine.  But the strangest part is for the month of September we only used 13KWH which means we only have to pay like 7 bucks for the whole month but for the month of August we used 630 KWH and have to pay like 60 bucks- now this is the part that get me!  Remember how we were married in Aug. so we were not here the first week because of our honeymoon?  and the next week we were in Inkom cause of the second reception? and then 2 days after that were were in St. George for a week? and then back to Inkom for our friends wedding for a couple days?  Now I am not math genius but something here doesn't add up... how can we use 630KWH in a month that we were here for maybe 2 weeks of the entire month?!  So my conclusion is either... 1. the guy who checked out our meter needs to go back to the mountains where he belongs (seriously he was a full on mountain man!) or 2.  There was a Bum living in our house and BLASTING our AC unit and leaving all the lights, stove, washer, dryer, fans, and what ever else he could on while we were not here.  I personally believe there was a Bum because that is the only thing I can think of that would explain why we are paying so much... any suggestions?! We are broke anyway and would not be able to pay that high of a bill every month.  I guess we will just do what Matt says "Lots of blankets!" Yay! So if you don't see or hear from me feel free to come check on me because I might be frozen in place...
Picture of a Homeless Man Picking through a Garbage Can

Well now you are most likely saying to yourself "how can she be frozen its only October" well let me remind you my friends... We live in Rexburg  and as of yesterday we already have enough snow that you could play in it.  Yup dead serious for some reason mother nature decided we didn't need a fall this year and to skip right to winter.  And if any of you know my husband that well you know that he is NEVER cold... we sleep with the windows open and a fan on him.  While he is here its not so bad because he is my little heater but when he leaves for work in the morning I freeze and it takes me forever to get back warm again :(
( I didn't have pictures of the snow yesterday so I googled "snow in Rexburg" and this came up the funny thing is this is where we really live! haha but if you want to see up to date pictures here is a link to my friends blog that took some yesterday... Thanks Lindsay!)

Another thing snow brings is bad roads, fogged/ frozen windshields, and for Rexburg red sand everywhere (its supposed to work as a ice melt or something but it is so nasty and it ruins all your clothes!)  And I hate hate hate driving in the snow it scares me sooo bad!  But Matt is so good to me and lets me take his nice car with new all season tiers and heat to drive while he takes george to work... he is sooo good to me! :)
driving car in snowstorm
This just scares the heck out of me! Good thing Matt is a professional driver! :)

So besides freezing all the time (which I can't complain to much cause I did choose to live here...)  and having no money to pay for stupid bills, and being pregnant... hahah just kidding I was just seeing if you were paying attention or not. hehehe Life is not to bad.  I start my Nannie job in 2 weeks and am excited for the holidays to be here! :) So just keep us in your prayers or stop by to visit whenever, because we would love to have you here- we even have a nice futon you could sleep on :) Keep the faith!

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