Monday, October 10, 2011

Klub Karaoke

On Saturday we went to klub karaoke with some friends, and it was a blast!  We haven't done to many random/ fun things in a while and it was so fun to get out of the house and do something fun! 
 The whole up stairs was a dance party except no one was up there except us.. hahaha

 Waiting for our turn to sing some karaoke!

 Sorry the lighting looks like crap but there was fog and lights and they just don't make for a good picture!
 There was a surprise birthday party for a girl that just turned 1... they didn't think that there would be a lot of people on a Saturday night (yeah really? they booked a party on a Saturday night because they thought no one would be there.... hum) Well since the party was going on down stairs they took us up stairs to sing up there and since they felt bad we all got free gift cards to come back again!!

 We had so much fun dancing, singing, and just being goofy!! :) 
 Sunday night was Lindsays birthday and we had dinner over at our friends house, so we made a treat platter that is all about the presentation ( we have been watching a lot of the food channel and its all about the presentation!)
 Jessi even made us an amazing dinner cooked inside a pumpkin! I had no idea you could even do that!

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