Monday, October 17, 2011


I start my new job today! I am going to be a Nannie for 2 little girls I am feeling
1. nervous
2. excited
3. stressed
4. tired
5. mixed emotions

Let me explain- nervous because I am not sure what is in store, I am scared to drive down there in the Winter with bad roads, excited because I can finally have a schedule and make money to help out, stressed because we need LOTS of money with the holidays coming so we have to save most of it, tired because I am used to sleeping in every morning and being lazy... hahaha and mixed because there are other emotions that I am not sure what they are but I am sure its going to work out good!  But I am excited to finally start on a schedule, Work, clean house, dinner, work out, bed (switch work out some nights for the temple and you have my schedule pretty much!)

Oh and our apartment is having a window decorating contest and if you win you get money! And we want money so we need some good ideas so that we can win! If you have any please let me know- get the creative juices flowing!

Wish me luck-I let you know how it goes! :)
Love, Brielle

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