Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dallas Girls Trip day 1

We have been planning a girls trip to Dallas for a while now.  It was a full weekend of spending time with some of my favorite people, all while being kid free!  Thanks to Babe and a few neighbors I was able to go and enjoy some relaxing time without a worry!  

I flew out the night before all the other girls so the morning of their flight I woke up late, watched a movie, and enjoyed some quiet time with my aunt!  Already a great start to my weekend! 
We started sight seeing right away, we picked the girls up at the airport and headed to down town Dallas to see the spot that JFK was shot.  Looking back we were sad we didn't do the museum but just seeing the X's in the street (he was shot twice)  and learning some more of the history was awesome.  We even ran out into the middle of the freeway on ramp to get a picture on the X- not the smartest thing but makes for an exciting picture! 

In the second window down you can see a small white box with a hole in it- that is where the shooter was at.  

Next stop Dallas Farmers Market-  We decided it would be a really awesome place when it's actually in season and everyone is selling their produce but they had some awesome food places and shops we could still walk around. I had an amazing oven fired pizza oh yummmm

We looked up some of the top places to take a picture in Dallas and tried to hit up as many as we could- and we just had to go to this flag wall as a tribute to my Dad who is always asking us randomly "who's proud to be an American?!"  Side note- I got a selfi stick that attaches to a tripod for christmas- best present ever!  Seriously we never had to ask anyone to take our picture!

Last time  we were in Dallas we went up to the top of Reunion Tower and saw this awesome bridge so I was pretty excited to go see it up close this time.  It's called the Margaret Hunt Memorial Bridge (and for those of you that don't know that's my MIL's name so I had to take a few pictures for her!)

Next up Sam Moon!  It's basically this HUGE store full of everything you would ever want (clothes, jewelry, purses, hair stuff, souvenirs, suitcases, shoes etc..) We even ended up coming back another day because we wanted to get another purse for crazy cheap! haha 

We also hit up Costco on our way home and stocked up on treats for the weekend, but the one thing Costco didn't have was Blue Bell ice cream.  So of course I had to go get some!  We ate some dinner, and hang out and talked until we couldn't anymore.  We had to get some sleep for our big trip to Waco in the morning!!

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