Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dallas trip day 3

Our Saturday started off in a splash when we decided to do the polar bear plunge into the freezing cold pool water! 

After a nice warm shower we got ready and went to go see our little cousin at his soccer game (that my uncle coaches!)  On the way there their car died at the gas station so after the game we came to help jump start it! 

After a bathroom and snack break we headed out for more shopping! We hit up what we liked to call he "hooker boot store" where most of the shoes were all under $10!  to bad they don't really carry shoes for those of us with huge feet, but some of us found some steals!  I for one liked walking around and checking out all the awesome shoes!

For lunch we were excited to the out the most unique Mcdonald's... only to find out they had just remodeled it a few years before...
The Dallas temple was so pretty, and it was nice to see some soft green grass (red ant free) haha  We were going to go in but I had been sick all week and I still had crazy nose congestion and couldn't stop coughing and sneezing so we decided it would be best to just go around the outside! 

Up next the Gallaria Dallas Mall-  This thing was 3 stories tall, with hundreds of shops (okay I don't really know how many but I would bet there was that much!)  We had fun shopping for some mother of the bride dresses for my aunt (we can't wait for Ashlee to get married in April!!)

Pretzels for the win!

From pregnancy and sickness crap I was pretty good at spotting all the chairs and couches in all the shops we went to- I did however find a really cute dress for the little miss!  
^^ Dressing room selfi! ^^
The whole night crew- we would ship Nathan off to a friends house all day and my Uncle and Becca would work all day so nights were fun to have everyone together for dinner and games! (oh and lots of popcorn and ice cream!)

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