Monday, February 20, 2017

Dallas trip- last day

On our last day we hung around Highland Village.  We hit up a hobby lobby and a awesome store called 5 Below (where we found tons of souvenirs for everyone back home! 

Mindy used to live in Texas and loved Whataburger so that was a must for lunch! 

After lunch we went back to the house, made thank you card to put all over the car we used, and finished trying to cram everything we bought into our bags! 

It was bitter sweet dropping everyone off at the airport, but I think we were ready to go home and be with our families!  April can't come soon enough when we got to go and see them all again!
I was dropped off at Love Field airport where my southwest flight was delayed for hours, then had the worse turbulence I had ever experienced in my life. My butt left the seat several times, people were screaming, and the flight attendants had to drop to the ground in the middle of the aisles just to hold on.  Flying though storms can be crazy scary-  I was just glad I never blew chunks! haha  I was so happy to finally be off the plane and kiss and hug my 2 favorite boys!!

What a fun filled trip it was, I can't wait for our next one- where should we go next time? We were thinking maybe Seattle or Oregon coast?!

A video of the trip!

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