Saturday, April 29, 2017


Of course the first thing Jenson wanted to do while in Idaho was ride the 4-wheeler!  Good thing his dad loves to ride as much as he does! 

 As part of our Idaho trip we headed to Twin Falls to visit Babe's sister.  We were going to go to Boise with her for the next few days to help with some medical stuff for Ellie.  On our way to Twin we decided to stop by Shoshone Falls- we haven't been since we were first married!  It was sooo windy and foggy but so pretty too!  Jenson was asleep in the car before we got there so he was kind of grumpy but I think he liked it too after a while! haha

 Jenson loves his grandpas- he just has a think for male figures in his life!  I love how he just follows them around all the time! 

Boise was filled with lots of driving, games, snacks, parks, and family time.  Jenson would just take a nap where he could- my favorite was on me! 

We even went on our own little tour of the Capital building! 

 Mckee's petting farm! 

 I can't get over sunset rides up on the farm.  Although with Jenson now bigger and being 34 weeks pregnant, but butt was sure sore from sitting on the hard bars! haha but I think these views are worth it!

 We also hit up the trampoline park for "toddler time" and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves! 

 After jumping we went to the hibachi grill from a early birthday lunch for me! I'm still dreaming of that stake- it was sooo yummy!
 We headed up to the pine corner one night for some family camping!  We had yummy tin foil dinners and smores before everyone headed home and then a few of us stayed to camp over night!  Thanks to the camp trailer we stayed nice and warm all night!

 Not pictured- Jenson getting himself locked in the trailer.  He had no idea how to unlock it but thankfully after some prayers and some calm help from his dad we were able to get him to open the emergency exit window and climb inside to unlock the door!  
 The next morning we went on a looong 4 wheeler/motorcycle ride all over the farm and to check out some other cabins around Inkom.  Thankfully our BIL Jason has an amazing 4 wheeler that has a extra seat that I sat on (felt like a cloud) so Babe and Jenson could ride the other 4 wheeler!  So much better for my butt- and for taking pictures!

 We got tickets to go see the Idaho Falls open house- it was soo pretty but Jenson lost interest and kept saying "I don't like the temple!" haha so we were all pretty happy to finish!

After the temple we went back to his sister house to celebrate my birthday!  We had some yummy Chinese food and then my all time favorite cake!  Was the the perfect way to spend the day before heading back to Utah! 

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