Friday, April 21, 2017

Utah trip part 1

We love when Babe gets out of school because it means we get to go home and visit all of our friends and family!!  This trip was extra amazing because we had 2 weddings in the family so we got to see lots of family we wouldn't of been able to other wise!  
 Brunch with some of Babes cousins and sister!  
Uncle Kyron knows the way to Jenson's heart with lots of rides on his lawn mower! haha

 Classic skating night with the family!  I haven't been to this place since high school, it was fun to go and relive some old memories with my own little family.  Except for the part where Jenson was throwing a royal fit because it was an adult skate only and he didn't understand why he couldn't! haha

 We spent lots of time getting ready for Kyron and Meagans wedding- and for Ashlee and Matts!

 ^^ Babe sure knows how to pack a car- we were a little worried about rain so somehow he made everything fit for Ashlee's wedding in our van, leaving just enough room for Jenson! haha^^
 Costco trips to pick up the reception food with the cousins, it took 3 carts but we did it!

Matt and Ashlee's wedding was sooo beautiful, it was a random day with some snow, rain, wind, then sunshine!  They had an amazing lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building!  And thanks to my awesome in laws and sister n law we got to enjoy the whole day without even having to worry about Jenson!!
They asked me to make a little video of their wedding day- it's nothing fancy but you can see that here:

 Before everyone left to go home from the wedding we had a combined "shower" for Kyron and Meagan with all of my aunts and uncles from my moms side!  It was so fun to have everyone together again!  The next day we packed up the car and headed to Idaho for a week of fun!!

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